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  • At the moment it is not possible for us to meet physically. Therefore our meetings are postponed. We will possibly be meeting virtually.
    Follow here for more information.

    Computer Klub

    Computer Klub is a group of curious people who would like to share their computer related projects or are interested in learning more about such things.

    Until now we have opened and mapped some of the different compontents which a computer consists of and what they do.
    We have looked at the Raspberry Pi computer and talked about how it can be used for specific tasks.
    We have looked at the principles of programming several times.
    We have looked at bar codes and which information they can contain.
    We have begun compiling a dictionary and a collection of links.

    Please come and join us!

    Time and place



    Computer Klub startet on the 2nd of December 2019 at Blågårds Library.

    Since then we have visited and revisited Nørrebro Library, Øbro Jagtvej Library, Christianshavn Library, Islands Brygge Library, Østerbro Library and The Black Diamond.